From SFG to The FRESH

Before the inception of The FRESH, we were known as SFG.

Starting in 2015, we shared a blog amongst ourselves, focusing solely on video game culture.

During our time as SFG, we have been fortunate enough to travel great distances, documenting our video game adventures.

Since our last post on SFG, thanks to Jarrod from Connect PR, we were given the privilege to attend EB Games Expo 2017 as media.

Unfortunately, we did not attend Hot Import Nights earlier in December, but we made the effort to make World Time Attack Challenge – not as media, but for the love of car culture alone.

Having operated 2 years as SFG, we feel our spectrum of coverage should go further beyond video games, showcasing our diverse interests.

Whether it be automotive culture or collecting street-wear, we plan to share our fresh take on all most things pop culture.

So, to our existing followers, expect more of the same and then some!
For the others that have found themselves here, enjoy your stay. 🙂

– Dust

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