EB Expo x PAX AUS for 2018!

If you haven’t already heard, EB Expo & PAX AUS have come together for the most “ambitious crossover event in history”.
Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but definitely one for Australian video game / gaming culture history!

Other than the announcement itself, details of the collaboration are scarce, but this works out to be pretty convenient for us.
Historically we’ve attended EB Expo for the past few years (s/o Connect PR) and PAX AUS for a total of zero – an adventure to PAX AUS is bound to happen this year!

Unfortunately, the “excuse” to travel to the Gold Coast isn’t there anymore, but I’m all for a good [food] trip to Melbourne for this year.
(Looking at our schedule we might find ourselves there quite soon, so stay tuned!)

I’m not quite sure what to expect. The obvious is an event filled with plenty of gaming, news, products and competitions but at what scale? Massive, I know, but how massive!?
Is it a little bit of EB Expo sprinkled on top of PAX AUS, or will EB Expo have it’s own large scale event attached to PAX AUS and then some?

Whatever it may be, best believe we will come well equipped to absorb it all and document it for all to see!

Super excited. The wait begins!

– Dust

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